Wilmington Police Announce Fall Awards and Promotions Ceremony

Posted on  09/17/2012 6:58 pm

On Tuesday, September 25, 2012, at 5:00 p.m. the Wilmington Department of Police will host the 2012 Fall Awards & Promotional Ceremony in the multi-purpose room of Wilmington Police Headquarters located in the William T. McLaughlin Public Safety Building, 300 North Walnut Street. The department will honor those recently receiving promotions and officers who have acted above and beyond the call of duty.

The department will also honor civilians John Randolph for his service during the Eden Park shootings and three-year-old Tyrone Copeland, Jr. for his extraordinary actions when his aunt suffered a seizure.

The following is a list of officers receiving commendations:

  • Steven Cancila
  • Paul Ciber
  • Justin Cannon
  • James Deleo
  • Master Sergeant John Drysdale
  • Neil Evans
  • Christian Flaherty
  • Anthony Ford
  • Michael Fossett 
  • Arthur Gliem
  • Mark Ivey
  • Justin Kreysa
  • Brian Mccanney
  • Patrick Malloy
  • Tavis Miller
  • Thomas Oliver
  • Matthew Riemann 
  • Michael Rinehart 
  • Isreal Santiago
  • Alexis Schupp
  • Andrew Shaub
  • Robert Steele
  • “D” Platoon Patrol
  • “A” Platoon CID

The following is a list of officers receiving promotions:

  • Sergeant Christopher Vitale
  • Sergeant Wilfredo Campos
  • Sergeant Ronald Muniz
  • Lieutenant Daniel Selekman
  • Lieutenant Steve Barnes
  • Captain Clayton Smith
  • Inspector Nancy Dietz