Regular Meeting of Wilmington City Council

Thursday, September 4, 2014 at 6:30 p.m.

Council Chambers
Louis L. Redding City/County Building
800 North French Street, Wilmington, Delaware 19801


  1. Call to Order
    Pledge of Allegiance
    Roll Call
  2. Approval of Minutes
  3. Acceptance of Treasurer's Report

4. Non-legislative Business

D. Brown Congratulate Bishop Carl Turner
Cabrera Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month and LACC Open House
Gregory/Chukwuocha Recognize James H. Gilliam, Sr.
Walsh/Gregory Congratulate Eunice LaFate “Governor’s Awards for the Arts”
Walsh Retirement Karen Burton

5. Legislative Business

Sherry Dorsey Walker: 6th District

Agenda #3974
Ordinance 14-040
Referred to Committee
Amend Chapter 44 of the City Code in order to extend the City’s exemptions from real estate taxation to caregivers
Synopsis This Ordinance is being presented by City Council for Council’s review and approval. If approved, Council would be authorizing a property tax exemption for a property owner who qualifies under certain conditions as a caretaker to another person. Currently, the City offers a tax exemption for elderly and/or disabled individuals that are calculated on the first $40,500 of the assessed value of a property. This ordinance would allow qualified caregivers to be eligible for the same property tax exemption that is currently granted by the City for a three-year period upon which time a property owner must re-apply for the exemption. The new category of caregiver is defined as a property owner whose family member is chronically ill, disabled, or is otherwise unable to perform the critical tasks of personal care necessary for everyday survival.

Robert A. Williams: 7th District

Agenda #3975
Ordinance 14-041
Referred to Committee
Enact certain traffic/parking regulations
Synopsis This Ordinance is being presented by the Administration for Council’s review and approval. If approved, Council would be authorizing changes to Chapter 37 of the City Code related to traffic and parking regulations. The Ordinance addresses school bus parking, child care drop-off, no parking, 15-minute parking and affects areas such as East 10th and North French Streets, West 4th Street and Greenhill Avenue, East 4th Street and North Market Street and West 9th Street and North Union Street. The Ordinance also rescinds no parking, two hour parking and loading zone rules for areas such as West 19th Street and North Market Streets, South Connell Street and Oak Street and West 4th Street and Greenhill Avenue. The details of the Ordinance can be found at
  1. Petitions and Communications
  2. Adjournment